6.30-7.30pm   Fat Chance Bellydance Style Fundamentals with Elizabeth

7.30-8pm FCBD Drills with Pip

8-9pm Modern Fusion with Pip


6.15-7.15pm   Beginners Bellydance with Fernanda

7.15-8.15pm   Advanced Bellydance (by invitation) with Fernanda


7-8pm   Beginners Bellydance with Fernanda

8-9pm   Intermediate Bellydance with Fernanda


10.30-11.30am Intermediate/Advanced Bellydance with Ali


12-1pm   Intermediate Bellydance with Cynthia

1-1.45pm   Egyptian Folkloric Dance with Cynthia

1.45-2.45pm   Advanced Bellydance with Cynthia

3-4pm Arabic Drum & Percussion with Ali


10.30am-11.30am Beyond Beginners Bellydance with Fernanda

11.30-12.30pm   Beginners Bellydance with Fernanda

To enrol, click here. For all enquiries regarding Beginners Bellydance call Fernanda 0410 028 128 Terms and conditions

Class Term Dates 2023

  • Term 1 – Friday 27th January- Wednesday 5th April
  • Term 2 – Monday 24th April- Sunday 2nd July
  • Term 3 – Monday 17th July- Sunday 24th September
  • Term 4 – Friday 6th October- Sunday 10th December

We have over 15 different belly dance and drum classes each week, catering to all levels. Our classes are run independently by 5 different teachers- Elizabeth and Pip teach Fat Chance Bellydance Style and Modern Fusion on Monday Nights, Fernanda teaches on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday, Cynthia teaches on Saturdays and Ali teaches on Fridays, with Arabic Drum class on Saturday afternoon. Your class pass is no longer transferable between these different teachers. So if you bought a class pass for a particular class you can only use it for classes being taught by that particular teacher. Please remember, you must use your pass only in the term you bought it. All classes are held in our large air-conditioned dance studio at Level 2,314 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville. If you have a question not answered on this website, please contact the relevant teacher for the class you are interested in attending. For Monday night enquiries contact Elizabeth: 0411 804 452 Fernanda: 0410 028 128 Cynthia: 0426 247 687 Ali: 0411 387 188