Belly Dance Beginners/Continuing Beginners


Our beginners’ classes cover the fundamentals of belly dance in a fun and supportive atmosphere.  Suitable for students with no previous experience, and for students who wish to continue with beginners’ classes for further basic training. We recommend staying at this level for 3 to 4 terms. Our 3 weekly beginners’ classes are all taught by Fernanda, so if you miss a class you are welcome to do a ‘make-up’ class with Fernanda as long as it is within the term. For all enquiries contact Fernanda 0410 028 128

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Never belly danced before?  This level is for you.  These classes focus on the fundamentals of belly dance technique, but they are far from boring exercises!  You’ll be dancing from day one using simple combinations of steps, and learning the rhythms and sounds of Middle Eastern music.

If you take one class a week, expect to stay at this level for three to four terms, until the basic techniques become second nature to you.  We call this level ‘Continuing Beginners’. At the beginning of each term, the fundamentals of bellydance will be taught, but your teacher will embellish these moves for the ‘Continuing Beginners’.

More advanced students are also encouraged to continue doing these ‘fundamentals’ classes, as well as their ‘Beyond Beginners/Intermediate’ classes, for a thorough training and workout.

Terms and Conditions:

Class passes  are valid only for the term they are purchased for.

If you miss a class, you’re welcome to attend any of the other beginners’ classes to make up, but only during the same term. Classes cannot be carried forward to the next term.

No refunds or extensions are available for unused or partially used class passes. If you are sick for more than half a term, you may apply to have your pass transferred to the following term on production of a medical certificate covering the whole period of your absence.

All classes are subject to a minimum enrolment. If a class does not have sufficient students, it may be cancelled. Amera’s Palace reserves the right to change instructors.