Baladi Dresses


Super stretchy baladi dresses in a range of colours striped with gold or silver. These stretchy dresses are available in Small (suitable for size 6-10), Medium (suitable for size 10-12), Large (suitable for size 12-18). Please specify your size in the notes.

Colours and sizes currently in stock: Red and Silver MED/ LARGE; Black and Gold SMALL/MED/LARGE; Black and Silver SMALL/MED/LARGE/XL; Purple and Gold SMALL/MED/LARGE/XL; Purple and Silver SMALL/MED/LARGE/EXTRA LARGE; Burgundy and Gold SMALL/MED/XL; Burgundy and Silver SMALL/MED/LARGE; Pink and Gold MED/LARGE/EXTRA LARGE; Pink and Silver MED/LARGE/XL; Royal Blue and Gold SMALL/MED/LARGE/XL


Hip scarves are not included, but can be added to your order. We have a special offer on Baladi Dresses with matching ‘4 Row Coin Hip Scarf’. Normally $33 for the two items, but on special for $110. See under ‘Specials’

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