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Choose from a range CD compilations created by Amera Eid specially for the needs of belly dancers. As well as being the founder of Amera’s Palace, Amera Eid also had a glittering career as a professional belly dancer, travelling extensively throughout the Middle East.

Wahyatak Habibi and Asal are the product of that experience – CDs designed especially for belly dance performance, providing a ready-made compilation of Amera’s favourite music from which to build a performance set.

Wahyatak Habibi includes a Majensi specially written for Amera, and Fifi Abdou’s famous Shisha Song as well as pieces suitable for Tarab, Saiidi, Khaleegy, Shaabi, impro and drum solo.

Asal means “Honey” and is a well known complimentary phrasing for women in Egypt who ooze that quality!   The CD takes its name from the second track, Zay El Asal ( You are like Honey), an emotional Tarab piece.  The CD includes a Majensi, as well as Khaleegy, Eskanderani, Shaabi, Saiidi and drum solo numbers.

Al Ra’Kasa We Tabbal is a CD of amazing Drum Solos, some of the most popular in the world of Oriental dance, recorded live by Tablah virtuoso Jamal Zraika. Originally released in 2000, this is the re-released version with two bonus tracks.

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