ATS & Tribal Fusion


3 different American Tribal Style/Tribal Fusion classes on Mondays.  Prices are for the term.

  • 6pm Beginners ATS
  • 7pm ATS Technique and Drills (30 minutes)
  • 7.30 Tribal Fusion

Please select your class here. Note the 7pm class cannot be taken on its own (see notes below).

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ATS (American Tribal Style) Beginners 6pm

It’s more accurate to call this a  ”fundamentals” class, as it’s not unusual for intermediate students to attend this class, to maintain their technique.  Even if you have learned regular bellydance, it’s always best to start with this Beginners class in ATS (American Tribal Style), as the technique and concepts are different.

Tribal Style (ATS) is a modern belly dance style created in the US.  It’s a rich fusion of many folkloric dance styles from all over the world. For faster progress, it’s recommended to take this class in conjunction with the 30 minute technique class which follows it. For more information on the style see:

ATS Technique and Drills (30 minutes) 7 pm

This course cannot be taken on its own.   It is an optional (but recommended) extra for students in the 6pm class, and a compulsory warm-up for the 7.30pm Tribal Fusion class (except in special cases!).

Tribal Fusion 7.30pm

Tribal Fusion combines ATS moves with other dance forms, often ‘oriental bellydance’. This class teaches and drills isolations, transitions, layers, combinations and choreography, in the Tribal fusion style, with a strong ATS base.  For Beyond Beginners and up.


Terms and Conditions:

Class passes  are valid only for the term they are purchased for.     If you miss a class, you’re welcome to attend a different class at another time to make up, but only during the same term. Classes cannot be carried forward to the next term.

No refunds or extensions are available for unused or partially used class passes. If you are sick for more than half a term, you may apply to have your pass transferred to the following term on production of a medical certificate covering the whole period of your absence.

All classes are subject to a minimum enrolment. If a class does not have sufficient students, it may be cancelled. Amera’s Palace reserves the right to change instructors.

Examples of Tribal Fusion Bellydance

An example of ATS – American Tribal Style Bellydance

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ATS Beginners 6pm (1 hour), ATS Beginners & ATS Technique 6pm (1.5 hours), ATS Technique & Tribal Fusion 7pm (1.5 hours), 6 week Saturday ATS course 1pm (1.5 hours)