Tours of the Middle East

Cairo accommodation
Yasmina’s apartment

For many years, Amera’s Palace offered tours of Egypt in conjunction with Yasmina, the well-known British belly dancer based in Cairo.

But let’s face it, you don’t really need an escort on the plane, do you?  The important thing is to have an expert travel guide in Egypt itself – and after 16 years living and performing in Cairo, Yasmina is the ideal choice!   So we are now referring students to Yasmina direct.  You’ll find all the details on her website,

If you dream of visiting Egypt and experiencing the home of belly dance, we strongly recommend you choose a tour designed specifically for belly dancers.  Without an insider’s help, you’re unlikely to find the best teachers or the best sources of belly dance costumes.    Yasmina knows the belly dance scene and can organise classes, appointments with costumiers and visits to the best belly dance shows.

belly dance tour joharaYasmina offers accommodation in her own rooftop apartment overlooking the pyramids.  As a professional photographer, she’s also well-placed to offer some wonderful images of your stay (like this lovely photo of our very own Johara, who had a great time trying on all Yasmina’s costumes!).