Hilde Workshops

An Afternoon with Hilde Cannoodt (UK)
Two workshops with the highly regarded and fabulous UK dancer, Hilde Cannoodt
Sunday 29th October 2017
Amera’s Palace, Marrickville.
Two workshop special: $140
Move Outside The Box
2.00-3.30pm $75
In this workshop, focus will be on traveling techniques used in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance that are adapted to a belly dance format in order to create more dynamics on stage. We will also focus on some more unconventional isolation combos to wow your audience and take them by surprise. We will be working towards an end sequence to explore the different techniques discussed in the workshop.
This workshop contains Hilde’s signature style in contemporary dance technique, in which she combines release based contemporary dance technique and Silvestre technique with Bellydance. No or little previous contemporary dance experience required.
Tribal Fusion Combinations
4.00-6.00pm $90
You will learn a number of isolation combos followed by a number of travelling steps across the floor. This is Hilde’s signature tribal fusion style: slow lyrical undulations as well as with fast and percussive hip work. We will be working on musicality as well as speed and transitions. Level: all (however, some basic tribal fusion technique is recommended).
Hilde’s Tribal Fusion style has developed out of over 15 years of belly dance training and over 10 years of tribal fusion dance training. Her biggest influences in the tribal fusion format are Mira Betz, Zoe Jakes, Sarah Chebaro, Mardi Love and Rachel Brice.
For more information visit www.hildedancer.com and www.tribalremix.co.uk

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