Preloved Belly Dance Costumes and Props

second hand belly dance costumesDo you have unwanted belly dance costumes and props?  Amera’s Palace can sell them on your behalf in the shop, on a commission basis.

Sadly, the market for second-hand belly dancewear has dropped dramatically in recent years, so please don’t be too optimistic about pricing.

The fact is, the person most likely to buy your costume is a student or newly professional dancer,  and these days they can find a brand new belly dance costume in our shop for less than $400.   They may not be as breath-taking as your $800 Eman Zaki – but they’re also not sweat-marked or damaged.

Experience has shown that second-hand costumes do not sell unless they are priced under $250.

How it Works

  • Contact me with some photos of your costume – or drop into the shop with it.
  • I assess the costume.
  • If the item is in good condition, we agree a price.
  • You send (or drop in) the costume to the shop.
  • If the item sells, I send you 70% of the selling price, and I retain 30%.

There is no minimum or maximum time to display the item for sale, and you can retrieve it at any time.

Why Is Commission So High?

Amera’s Palace charges commission to cover the work involved in listing the costume in our store and dealing with enquiries and the sale transaction.  In fact, selling preloved costumes is much more time-consuming than selling new, because of the need to keep track of ownership and liaise with the owner when offers are made.