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We offer a range of instructional DVD’s from some of the world’s best teachers.

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Sadie’s Complete Belly Dance Guide

This DVD’s title is self-explanatory:   well-known US belly dancer Sadie takes each belly dance move, breaks it down, explains its technique and drills it.   It’s hard to think of a movement that is not included – she covers upper body isolations, lower body isolations, figure 8’s (all variations), undulations, vertical hip isolations, shimmy and more.  It includes a choreography and a beautiful performance to Ah Ya Zein.

Sadie’s Signature Combinations

This DVD is actually three “mini” choreographies, each in a different style – Oriental, Drum Solo and Baladi.  Each choreography consists of five combos.  The individual moves are not broken down, so this is a DVD for Beyond Beginners and above.

Rania Advanced Choreography (Drum Solo)

As the title says, this is a choreography.   The level is suitable for intermediate to advanced dancers.

Uncle Mafufo’s Basic Rhythms for Arabic Drum

This is a must-have if you want to learn to drum – but it’s also a very useful DVD for dancers, as it’s a painless way to learn and understand Arabic rhythms.  Uncle Mafufo has an engaging and relaxed manner which makes learning easy.

Bellydance Superstars – Intro to Belly Dance

A simple DVD in which your favourite dancers from Bellydance Superstars run through the basic belly dance moves.

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