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Jalilah’s Raks Sharki 5 – Stars Of Casino Opera A collection of belly dance music composed in honor of dancers Samia Gamal and Tahiya Carioca, featuring the music of Mohamed Abdel Wahab.  Great quality recording.   The music is presented as three complete 20-minute sets, ready-made for belly dance performance.

Golden Era Of Bellydance Volume 1:  This is a collection of the music made famous by Taheya Carioca.

Golden Era of Bellydance Volume 2:   A collection of authentic belly dance music used by Samia Gamal.   Unlike some vintage recordings, the quality of sound on these Golden Era CD’s is excellent.

Belly Dance Classics with Fifi Abdou – with the full Cairo Orchestra, this CD is classic Fifi!

Arabian Legends – Cairo Orchestra

A Tribute to Om Kalsoum – No belly dancer’s education is complete without Om Kalsoum.   This CD is a tribute to the great singer by the Cairo Orchestra


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