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Ya Halawa Gizira Band.  A variety of belly dance music styles, recorded in Cairo

Master of Egyptian Bellydance – Mohammad Al Hasan Abo Abid:  Great instrumental tracks for both practice and performance.  Not to be confused with Masters of Bellydance which is a compilation by several different artists.

Bellydance Treasures – Bassil Moubayyed – Bassil Moubayyed is a well-known musician from Beirut, Lebanon.  This is a collection of traditional belly dance music from Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq.

Arabian MelodiesDr Samy Farag:   This CD may sound short with only 5 tracks, but it includes two very long pieces of music – track 1 is 17 minutes long and track 4 runs for 12 minutes.

Latin American Hits for Bellydance Hossam Ramzy & Pablo Carcamo   –  these are Latin American hit tunes, rearranged with an Egyptian flavour for belly dance.

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