Arabic Drumming – CDs


Drum solos played by some of the Middle East’s top percussionists.

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King of the Tabla – Said el Artist  –  Tabla virtuoso Said El Artist was awarded the title “King of The Tabla” by the Egyptian Cultural Ministry. In this recording, Said “presents his most dynamic and sharp drum solos for the discriminating listener or serious bellydancer”. 17 short drum solos (the longest is 3:39).

Chemistry of the Drum – Issam Houshan  –  In this collection of drum solos, Issam Houshan shares his experience drumming for professional dancers all over the world. A variety of drum solos to choose from. Issam prides himself on composing music based on the dancer’s needs.  Twelve tracks ranging from 1.5 minutes to over 5 minutes.

Heartbeat of Egypt – Gamal Goma –  Fifteen new drum solos inspired by the vast variety of Middle Eastern rhythms from Egypt, Iraq, Morocco and Saudi Arabia, played by Gamal Goma (of “Shake Me Gamal” fame).  Tracks range in length from 2 to 4 minutes.






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